Fulfill needs. Extend performance.


A competitive online sales channel is a necessity these days. But it also requires an intelligently implemented process in order to support the entire customer journey process. With LOXXESS, you have the most experienced service provider in fulfillment at your side and you benefit from solid market knowledge and depth of service.

Online fulfillment

Whether you come from brick-and-mortar retail or are solely an online merchant, as your partner we guide you from the “zero hour” in the successful implementation of your e-commerce with 360 degree support throughout the entire order handling process.

As the result of years of experience in fulfillment, we have created our own in-house solutions with our customer care services, which cover all customer-facing services and a fulfillment engine that provides the software for your B2C business. Your benefit: you don’t have to spend time implementing tedious structures but instead you get started quickly with our fulfillment services.

Fulfillment Services from LOXXESS

Fulfillment services already start during marketing and sales activities at LOXXESS. In addition to product advisement and ordering services, we assist you with our value added services  for social media communication and for outbound campaign development. We are happy to take care of physical logistics, too, from incoming goods processing to warehouse and returns.

Our range of fulfillment services is rounded out with reliable payment processing and accounts receivable management. We review incoming and outgoing payments, manage dunning and payment reminders, and upon request even provide evaluation and management of your online sales channel.

The integration of an electronic payment system (like PayPal, credit cards, instant transfers, etc.) is done by reliable and certified partner companies that transfer the status information to LOXXESS. We bundle all activities and you always keep your eye on the profitability of your online sales channel.

Contact us. We will be happy to provide you with more information about our fulfillment services.



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  • Customer Care
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