Consumer Electronics + Media Products


Consumer Electronics + Media Products

Entertainment electronics require a logistics partner with a special finesse: sensitive technical devices need to be moved with the greatest care and examined by trained hands. You should be able to feel secure knowing that the repair and recycling work is being done properly.

Rely on high-performance special solutions that are customized exactly to your products, whether receivers, mobile telephones, laptops, or game consoles. We handle each individual product with the greatest care and increase both the service life and customer satisfaction.

For customers from the telecommunications, pay TV, and consumer electronics sectors, LOXXESS offers a highly specialized competence center with extensive knowledge and many add-on services. Furthermore, the company offers highly specialized solutions to its clients from the media sector for archiving, sorting, and identifying data media (MAX, beta, etc.). The use of quality monitoring measures (like detecting vinegar syndrome) in special facilities with the strictest monitoring of temperature and humidity levels is a matter of business as usual for LOXXESS. 

  • Warehousing
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Returns Management
  • Security systems with access control (secure warehouse)
  • Flexible and dynamic picking strategies
  • Serial number and batch management
  • Film archive
  • Humidity management
  • Repair & Refurbishment
  • Tests of electronic products (e.g., modems and receivers)
  • Tests of cables and remote controls
  • ERP solutions
  • Online stores
  • Planning single and multi-level mailing campaigns
  • Production of standardized or customized print products
  • Retailer support
  • Technical Level 1 support
  • Inbound:
    • Customer Service/Consulting
    • Help Desk
    • Order Acceptance