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The more attractive today’s e-commerce solution looks in the front end, the more complex the process that are running behind an ERP system. Data, goods, and payment flows need to be ideally networked. The customer would like an intuitive buying experience. And as a company, you want continuous process transparency that ensures efficiency in your sales channels. Only a high-performance ERP system can master these challenges. And LOXXESS has just the right system: KatarGo.

ERP Software

The ERP software KatarGo is based on the tried and tested Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a industry-custom solution for the mail order business with numerous options for customization. As an ERP solution for traditional retail and e-commerce, KatarGo is well-suited for your B2B and B2C channel. You benefit from valuable synergies.

Because we are “know-it-alls” on this subject, our ERP system not only handles key logistics tasks perfectly – it also covers fulfillment-services. You can let LOXXESS take care of your payment and accounts receivable management, including creditworthiness inquiries. This means you gain valuable time for more important tasks. Our fulfillment engine offers you an overview of our services building blocks.

ERP solutions from LOXXESS

More than just retail take place in an online store. More and more customers find the most attractive offers in online marketplaces and price search engines. LOXXESS offers solutions, creates the necessary integration and helps you to multiply your sales opportunities. In internationalization, our ERP software helps you with several languages and adjusted currencies. You will be ready for the next phase in development!

If you already have your own ERP solution, we will be happy to integrate your in-house structure according to your needs. Our in-house development team can ensure flexible and fast integration even for other ERP systems (Shop,PIM, CRM).

Contact us and receive details about the ERP system at LOXXESS.