Plan individual. Remain competitive.


The field of logistics engineering is the core area for contract logistics. With it, we can manage your logistics project from the design to the completed commercial location. Engineers, architects, logistics specialists and management experts work with us in close coordination in order to design your location so that it is successful from the very beginning.

At the start, there is always a structural analysis. We take a close look at how much flexibility you need and ensure rigorous planning from the inside to the outside. Your process chain and your business provide the rhythm. Our many years of experience help us to develop a custom-tailored solution for you: from all the options available in warehouse and conveyor technology, we select the one that suits you the best. Upon request, we can use customized special solutions – and we are there for you from the first question to project completion and results evaluation. You can expect reliable costs and on time completion.

Your existing locations benefit from our engineering services and the LOXXESS expertise in complex supply chain strategies. We pick you up exactly where you need us. And provide customized improvement to your value creation chain. What can we do for you? Here is a look at our key services:

Customer analysis We look closely at your actual process chain and methodically determine what the target process chain should be. The focus is on structure, needs, capacities, throughput, and determining vulnerabilities.

Material flow planning We analyze your process, help you with IT-assisted automation of warehouse and packaging processes, and perform order/warehouse simulations with recognized simulators.

Warehouse planning We accompany you from design to final implementation – including furnishing and workspace planning, complete layout creation, tendering for warehouse and conveyor technology, functional tests, and final customer acceptance.

Procurement We organize everything from the tender to the integration test and acceptance.