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Sports + Lifestyle

Brand image and brand value are determined by market presence and recognition. In addition, it is essential that the customer needs are covered. That’s the only way to maintain brand loyalty. The success of a season is often determined in just a few critical weeks. These weeks depend on quality fulfillment of delivery promises.

With our scalable logistics solutions, we fulfill your high quality requirements while at the same time guaranteeing the availability of your products at the point of sale. In so doing, we integrate compliance or fulfillment of retail-specific or end customer-focused requirements for packaging your products into our processes.

Benefit from the industry expertise of LOXXESS for your logistics and attain the pole position.

  • Award Services
  • Pre-Assembly
  • Neutralization
  • Set Building
  • Textile preparation
  • Multi-channel solutions
  • Fulfillment Engine
  • Online stores
  • Ordering platforms
  • Retailer support
  • Technical Level 1 support
    • Customer Service/Consulting
    • Help Desk
    • Order Acceptance