Accounts Receivable

Organize accounting. Relax payments.

Accounts Receivable

With professional accounts receivables management, LOXXESS assists you in reaching your financial objectives. Our job here goes far beyond that of an accountant. We see ourselves as a “business enabler.” an outsourcing partner who assists you with comprehensive service, a high-performance EDP system, and many years of experience in your business concept, and helps you minimize risk. You gain time for the essentials – marketing and sales, product development, and customer support.

Debt claims management

Customers who pay on-time and reliably are a basic necessity for the profitability of your online business. But which customers have trustworthy credit? What does a successful debt claims management look like when debt claims are not paid on time? And what do you need to do on the EDP side to keep an overview of the debt claims management? LOXXESS has the right answer to these and many questions.

Accounts receivables management in the hands of LOXXESS

Our in-house developed “fulfillment engine” forms the central intelligence of accounts receivables management. All customer master data and individual payment processes are included in it and are automatically synchronized with your online store or ERP system.You do not pay high system integration or investment costs but you nevertheless have a simple interface to keep an eye on individual customers. This also includes incorporating a scoring process that determines creditworthiness and allows for the appropriate payment method approval in the ordering process.

The operational processing of payment transactions is in the best hands with LOXXESS. Accounts receivable management starts with the incorporation of a variety of payment systems and methods, from online payment systems like PayPal to traditional bank transfers. Discount and voucher campaigns are of course included. We represent your interests vis-à-vis the customer with professional dunning, and when needed transfer the file to the collections services provider.

Our goal is always to actively assist you in the profitable development of your online business. Contact us. We are happy to answer your individual questions about accounts receivables management at LOXXESS.


Accounts Receivable

  • Creditworthiness review
  • Credit notes