IT Solutions

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IT Solutions

A competitive IT infrastructure forms the backbone of every modern logistics company. In recent years, LOXXESS has positioned itself even more strongly in this area. The result is a high-performance ERP system and a separate data center. Our goal is to offer you everything from one source and operate an IT backbone that is always up to date for more transparency, stability, and security throughout the entire process chain.

The IT solutions from LOXXESS are based on three strong pillars: The warehouse management system controls the flow of goods, the ERP system forms the basis for the commercial processing including payment and accounts receivable management, and the data center offers the necessary infrastructure.

For all three areas, we have developed an in-house solution that can be customized to meet your needs. You benefit from IT that grows with your requirements and even works as a business accelerator! All too often, an “old” IT environment that is not devised for growth places limits company growth.

The same thing always applies here: everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory. You decide what partial services you want to make use of.

The topic of Big Data has arrived at LOXXESS as well. We collect all data along the process chain and evaluate it with regard to possible optimizations. Your logistics process is improved for the long-term.