Marcel Breusch

Marcel Breusch
Member of Executive Management

Weinheimer Straße 64
D-68309 Mannheim

+49 (0) 621 727325-0
+49 (0) 621 727325-10

IT- and operations-expert

If you want to call it that, Marcel Breusch is an excellent translator. His job as division leader in IT and operations is to translate theoretical requirements into practical and technical concepts. The only way for the logistics process to proceed as intended is to have the materials flows and data flows optimally intertwined. Breusch’s approach is to always keep a cool head. There is a solution for every challenge. You just have to think it through. His 20 years of experience in various industries and with numerous technologies helps him to do just that. He has been sharing his problem-solving skills with LOXXESS since 2008. He manages the in-house IT solutions at LOXXESS and is responsible for the technical and process-related planning for new projects.