Transportation Management

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Transportation Management

As a network-independent logistics service provider, at LOXXESS we provide you with transport management systems that are custom-tailored to meet your requirements. As your partner, we organize the flow of goods in and out of your warehouse, which we operate for you.

In so doing, LOXXESS sees itself as a traditional 4PL service provider that organizes seamless transportation on our own, just like a “traffic architect.” Or, as a lead logistics provider that controls transportation management based on the existing framework agreements.

Transport management systems

On the procurement side, we take care of freight management and handle your imports in compliance with customs requirements. Whether multi-modal container carriage, by rail, road, or inland barge, or a rush shipment that you need urgently, we take care of it for you.

We organize the distribution logistics down to the very last mile to your customers and sales markets. We can handle everything from jewelry boxes to full truck loads.

When communicating with select proven transport service providers, LOXXESS relies on the latest transport management systems to ensure optimum data exchange. In this way, we ensure your transport runs smoothly. This includes all services, from freight forwarder integration and management to freight forwarding controlling. In the process, the shipment data is sent automatically by EDI to the freight forwarder and the shipping label is automatically generated in the freight forwarder’s standard format so that this shipment can be routed without delay to the specified destination.

Transport services of LOXXESS

For the automotive industry, we provide reliable and high-performance solutions in the VDA standard and deliver on schedule for just-in-time and just-in-sequence processes.

We don’t shy away from really big jobs, either. Our special department is happy to help with the organization of your heavy cargo and oversized transport needs – from route review and approval to actually moving the goods.

We combine our expertise in storing hazardous materials with our knowledge in organizing the movement of hazardous cargo.

We know what matters and provide an all-around safe transport management.

As is always the case – LOXXESS paves the way for your business.

We work exclusively on the basis of ADSp.

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