Archive Logistics

The vault for your digital archive

Archive Logistics

The “digital universe” doubles in size every two years. The reasons behind this are the continuing pace of digitalization with the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and other developments. In Germany alone, the digital data volume will increase by 2020 from currently about 250 exabytes to 1100 exabytes, according to the EMC digital universe study.

With it, the quantity of information and documents required to be stored by organizations and companies is growing as well. Frequently the existing data archive the companies have in-house is no longer sufficient. Or they do not comply with the applicable standards for storage technology and security.

External archiving at LOXXESS

LOXXESS offers an attractive solution for external archiving. This involves an external high-security data warehouse for digital file archiving that customers can access at any time. The warehouse is located in Dieburg, near Frankfurt airport. With the help of a database, the information is archived there in a locatable, understandable, unmodifiable, and tamper-resistant manner.

As a provider of audit-proof external archiving, LOXXESS makes an important contribution to compliance for information systems in organizations and companies as well as enterprise information management (EMI).

The high security area within the 6000 m2 large LOXXESS building complex was erected in 2012. It is suited, for example, for audit-proof archiving of LTO tapes. Even today they are still considered to be reliable data media for long-term archiving.

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Archive Logistics

  • 13.5°C constant room temperature
  • Warehouse software with interfaces for archive management
  • Warehousing up to -5°C possible
  • Most modern fire safety systems including CO2 gas extinguishing systems
  • Relative humidity under 45%
  • Attractive pricing model based on pay-per-use
  • Compliance with legal restrictions for data archiving
  • Assured redundancy of your data outside of your company
  • Recovery option after data loss for the continued existence of your company
  • Optimal for backup tape archiving like LTO tapes
  • Modern equipment for long-term archiving starting with lot size of 1
  • Interface to your company’s archiving system
  • Supply of your data as part of a defined delivery guarantee, with same day delivery if needed