Customer Care

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Customer Care

From our own experience, we have learned that knowledgeable, friendly call center service can improve the customer perception for any company. When it comes to maintain a good relationship with your customers and trade partners, don’t leave it to chance! As a full-service provider, LOXXESS handles all communication services in your name, up to and including the construction of a separate customer care service. We do this with many years of experience and a good feeling for interpersonal interaction.

Customer Care Services from LOXXESS

With our range of experience, we provide significant assistance for product launches, seasonal sales events, add-on sales, questions about orders, and questions about customer service and specialized marketing. In so doing, we process both inbound and outbound activities for you.

Take advantage of our expertise in customer care service to create long-term customer loyalty, increase shopping cart value, and increase the rate of recommendations!

Customer-friendly service times, permanently trained employees, and a high level of problem-solving ability guarantee that your customers are satisfied in all areas. LOXXESS coordinates everything to your individual processes and customer layers. LOXXESS customer service representative can be reached by telephone, e-mail, fax, and letter. in German and English, and other languages as needed.

In the area of outbound communication, we take care of all relevant customer care services for you, whether for customer retention or address qualification, appointment setting with field service or guiding specialized trade partners.

As your service provider, we speak your language and help you with convincing communication to maintain your image and strengthen your relationships customers and partners!

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Customer Care

  • Inbound:
    • Customer Service/Consulting
    • Help Desk
    • Order Acceptance
    • Additional Sales (Cross- & Upsell)
    • Complaints Management
    • Service for Retail Partner
  • Outbound:
    • Address Qualification
    • Product Marketing
    • Managing Retail Partner
    • Field Service Management/Appointment Setting
    • Customer Retention
  • Additional Services:
    • Sending small volume items (e.g. catalog requests, subsequent invoices)
    • Initiation and maintenance of package tracking
    • Monitoring social networks for your brand
    • Commissioning and management of service phone numbers