Act responsible. Increase sustainability.


As a medium-sized, owner-managed family company we are not only driven by short-term profit concepts, but also strive with our customers to achieve harmony with the environment and human needs. To do so, we have developed a sustainability strategy that includes the pillars of economy, ecology, and social issues, defines strategic areas of action, and forms our corporate values.

The most important goals in this sustainability strategy are:

  • profitable, resource-efficient growth above the market average
  • reduction of CO2 emission across all locations and an increase in energy efficiency
  • property management that makes optimal use of resources “areas” 
  • combined with intelligent energy management
  • attractive programs for employee development and retention

Sustainability as a guiding principle requires the implementation of measures in various dimensions of corporate activity. Participation in  econsense’s sustainabilitycompetence program  represents a building block for the development of appropriate strategies and effective measures.

With econsense, the Forum for Sustainable Development of German Business e.V. sets itself the goal of actively shaping the change to a more sustainable economy with the participating companies. With this in mind, the target group of medium-sized companies is coming together in a cross-sector dialog. LOXXESS has been involved in the program since its inception. In the meantime, the group of participants has expanded and forms a rich network that regularly exchanges information on developments in the sustainability sector in various formats.

As a participating company, we benefit from the following approaches:

  • Thanks to professional exchange with experts, we deepen content-related contexts as well as practice-related knowledge.
  • We stay informed about current scientific findings as well as the growing demands from regulatory developments and stakeholder expectations.
  • We enter into dialog with relevant stakeholders from the network of participating member companies

The internationally recognized “Lean and Green” initiative has been organized in Germany by GS1 Germany GmbH for about a decade. Their program to reduce the carbon footprint of logistics companies combines lean management approaches with expertise in the field of green logistics. The focus is on how to continuously reduce resource waste in logistics. Moreover, transparent standards are to be established and continuously developed for this purpose.

Companies participating in the program undergo a step-by-step certification process on their way to climate neutrality. The program consists of five levels, each of which is awarded a “Lean and Green” star. The certification applications are evaluated by an independent and standardized auditing of TÜV NORD CERT.

LOXXESS already carries the “Lean and Green 1st Star.” To this end, we have calculated our carbon footprint, defined an action plan with suitable measures, and consistently implemented this action plan. These include the operation of photovoltaic systems at two logistics centers, a combined heat and power plant and, in part, the use of resource-saving reusable transport containers. In addition, the majority of the sites switched to LED lighting and sourced certified green power wherever possible. The result is the reduction of 20% of greenhouse gas emissions within five years.