LOXXESS and Philip Morris extend cooperation

29. October 2018

The logistics and fulfillment specialist LOXXESS and tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris have expanded and extended their partnership. As part of a tender, Philip Morris Manufacturing GmbH (PMMG) has entrusted the handover of additional departments to LOXXESS. Consequently, the almost 30-year partnership was extended by three additional years and will be expanded with services in the area of intermediate storage and production supply logistics with raw tobacco for the Philip Morris plant in Berlin.

Since its establishment in 1970, Philip Morris GmbH has grown over the years and has been able to establish itself as a leading provider of tobacco goods in Germany, including the brands Marlboro and L&M. The company is part of Philip Morris International Inc. with headquarters in Lausanne.

The years of cooperation with LOXXESS started in the 1980’s. LOXXESS initially took over the production supply logistics for the Philip Morris plant in Berlin. In 1999 the fulfillment specialist took over warehouse logistics as well for the Berlin location. In the course of the partnership, the production supply and disposal was expanded to include filter supply and handling a finished goods warehouse. Since 2016, LOXXESS has also been responsible for warehousing slow-moving products and replacement parts at the PMMG plant. This includes machine parts for the production facilities. Furthermore, the import and export handling including shipment documentation and customs clearance are among the tasks handled by LOXXESS. At the Berlin location, 80 LOXXESS employees are in use at Philip Morris.

Michael Clause, Supervisor LSP Management for Philip Morris Manufacturing GmbH, explained the awarding of the contract: As a fulfillment services provider, LOXXESS has already been a knowledgeable and reliable partner with Philip Morris for many years. Since LOXXESS was able to make a strong impression in the tender phase once again, we will build on the services, flexibility, and expertise of LOXXESS in the future.

In the course of the contract expansion, LOXXESS created 11 additional jobs at the Berlin location. Dr. Clause-Peter Amberger, chairman of LOXXESS AG, commented on the continuation of the cooperation, saying: “In the course of the decades of cooperation, LOXXESS has taken over more and more task areas at the Berlin location. With the contract extension, we are expanding our partnership and can support Philip Morris more comprehensively.”