LOXXESS Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Dieburg facility
Lagerstraße 41
DE-64807 Dieburg

“Twice as good: In Dieburg, we’re combining two worlds into one efficient whole.

One area deals with traditional warehousing operations – from pallets in the high-bay warehouse to storage in a small-parts store. Cross-docking, value-added services and POS services round off the service portfolio. The second area is very specific and demonstrates our efforts to respond to the needs of our customers. We will always be able to meet your warehousing requirements – whether it involves goods on pallets, individual items or highly sensitive products that are particularly well-suited to autumnal temperatures. More than 500,000 roles of film are stored with us, from all kinds of genres. The film industry has a cultural mission, and we have the clear task of storing and preserving these valuable cultural items in the best manner possible. A constant temperature and humidity along with a high-performance CO2 fire extinguishing system help us to meet these requirements. Our divided house at our site in Dieburg keeps us moving and we love to work hard and with passion to meet the needs of our customers.”

Thomas Lewis (branch management)