Arche in Munich has received a donation from LOXXESS

23. November 2021

This year’s annual Christmas donation of 10,000 euros by LOXXESS AG will benefit the Arche children’s foundation in Munich-Moosach. It will help the foundation to support children and youngsters belonging to the Christian children and youth organization. CEO Dr Claus-Peter Amberger was there to personally hand over the check.

Image caption: LOXXESS CEO Dr Claus-Peter Amberger handing over the check to Larissa Rauter, facility manager at Arche in Munich. Copyright: LOXXESS AG.

LOXXESS AG is a medium-sized logistics company that specializes in complex logistics and value-added services and has its headquarters in Tegernsee, that donates 10,000 euros each year to a charitable organization or facility in the region. This year it was awarded to Arche, the national Christian children’s and youth organization, at their Munich-Moosach facility.

Every day Arche cares for around 120 children and youngsters in the north of Munich. There are a wide range of leisure activities available to them such as handicrafts, choir singing, games and sports activities, birthday parties and excursions in addition to a hot meal and homework supervision. Great importance is also attached to socio-educational support and various offers of help for socially disadvantaged people and these offers are also aimed at the parents of children and youngsters.

“The youngest in society are the ones who are hardest hit by the pandemic and its effects in all areas of everyday life. That’s why we are especially grateful that companies like LOXXESS are committed to their region and are giving something back”, said Larissa Rauter, facility manager at Arche in Munich.

When presenting the check, Dr Claus-Peter Amberger made it clear why it is especially important for LOXXESS to be able to help young people this year: “The coronavirus pandemic is a major burden for low-income households with children. This is why it is important to us to be able to support this valuable work with our Christmas donation“.

Being an owner-managed family business in its third generation, LOXXESS attaches great importance to being involved in the region. The donation was presented to the “Kindness for Kids” foundation in Starnberg in 2020.

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