Patrick Mense

Patrick Mense
Member of Executive Management

Weinheimer Straße 64
D-68309 Mannheim

+49 (0) 621 727325-0
+49 (0) 621 727325-10

Expert for sales, business development, mail order business + e-commerce and sports + lifestyle

When others tend to jump ship, Patrick Mense first gets excited: translating complex customer requirements into excellent solution concepts is one of his greatest strengths – he always on the hunt for seemingly impossible logistics challenges.

Before joining LOXXESS, Patrick Mense worked in contract logistics. Since then he has contributed significantly to the growth of fulfillment services at LOXXESS. He has shown more than just an entrepreneurial spirit. As a regional group spokesman for the German Logistics Association (BVL), he puts his communication strengths to use and indulges in his enthusiasm for logistics. Today, he is still closely affiliated with his university in Württemberg. Where he once studied for his business management degree, he now grills students as an examiner on the subject of logistics and advises those working on their bachelor’s thesis. In his free time, he works on mastering his own stubborn challenge: improving his golf handicap. When not able to do that, he attends to his collection of Scottish table wines or plays with his children.