Lars Gutermuth

Lars Gutermuth
Member of Executive Management

Betastraße 10E
D-85774 Unterföhring

+49 (0) 89 255 476-0
+49 (0) 89 255 476-11

Experts for media logistics and mail order business

Lars Gutermuth is trained in the freight forwarding business with 25 years of experience in media logistics and the mail order business. As a member of management, he is responsible for the logistics locations in the Czech Republic. What started with 10 employees in Bor (Czech Republic) has grown under his leadership to a competency center for media logistics and mail order operations with over 2.000 employees. With his entrepreneurial drive, Lars Gutermuth had already made a name for himself during his time with television broadcaster Sky, where he established the in-house logistics company Premus which was sold to LOXXESS in 2007.