One fifth less CO2: LOXXESS receives “Lean and Green 1st Star” from GS1 Germany

21. October 2022

Since July 2021, LOXXESS has been part of GS1 Germany's "Lean and Green" initiative, under which logistics companies significantly reduce their greenhouse gas emissions step by step. The first stage has now been reached: Compared to 2017, LOXXESS produced one fifth less CO2 emissions. For this achievement, the company receives the "Lean and Green 1st Star."

Hermann Zwingel, Sustainability Manager and Environmental Management Officer at Loxxess, accepts the "Lean and Green 1st Star" from Thomas Fell, Managing Director of GS1 Germany. Copyright: Loxxess AG

LOXXESS AG, a medium-sized logistics company specializing in complex logistics and value-added services with headquarters in Tegernsee, Germany, has reached a new milestone realizing its sustainability concept. The consistent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by a total of 23.86% percent per warehouse square meter within the last five years has now been honored by the award of the “Lean and Green 1st Star” from GS1 Germany.

The initiative aims to motivate and enable logistics and transport companies to create transparency regarding their CO2 emissions and define a package of measures to reduce them. Participation in “Lean and Green” gives LOXXESS access to the community of participating companies and experts in addition to the step-by-step certification, so that a transfer of knowledge and best practices can take place.

On October 20, Hermann Zwingel, Sustainability Manager and Environmental Management Officer at LOXXESS, accepted the “Lean and Green 1st Star” at the German Logistics Congress. The award confirms that the required reduction in CO2 emissions was realized retroactively to 2017. “We have continuously differentiated our sustainability strategy since 2016 and obtained a comprehensive overview of our CO2 emissions as part of ‘Lean and Green.’ On this basis, we have defined and implemented numerous measures such as photovoltaic systems, a combined heat and power plant, and electric and hybrid cars for employees,” emphasizes LOXXESS CEO Dr. Claus-Peter Amberger. “Now we are pleased to have achieved our first goal on the road to CO2 avoidance and to be able to hold the award for our efforts in our hands.”

Having successfully completed the first stage of the program, LOXXESS next defines the measures that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an additional ten percent over another three years.

As a medium-sized family business, LOXXESS attaches great importance to sustainable and resource-saving management. The logistics service provider achieves this, among other things, through the ecologically sustainable construction of the logistics properties, resource-saving operation, and continuous efficiency gains in the logistics processes.