LOXXESS is supporting WACKER’s growth through their expansion in Haiming

13. July 2021

LOXXESS is supporting WACKER's growth through their expansion in Haiming

As a logistics service provider, LOXXESS has been supporting the Wacker Chemie AG chemical group with storage and the loading of finished products in Burghausen for 13 years. WACKER is growing at this facility and they will need extra storage space. LOXXESS is planning to expand in neighboring Haiming in order to meet its customer’s needs. The innovations will be implemented as part of a contract extension between LOXXESS and WACKER.

Today the logistics hall covers an area of 40,000 square meters and nearly 38,000 pallet spaces, which are used for supplying raw materials and storing WACKER’s products. Their product range covers several thousand items and LOXXESS is responsible for distributing them. In the future, WACKER will be placing more of their logistics operation with the logistics service provider. LOXXESS will also be taking over the future storing and production-ready delivering of special packaging materials for WACKER as extra services.

The plan is to expand the area by 16,300 m2 whilst doubling the pallet storage spaces to nearly 80,000 units. The extension will be higher than the existing logistics hall and the racks will be installed as a narrow aisle system. This will enable the available area to be used much more efficiently. “The spatial dimensions of the shelving system will be optimally adapted for holding WACKER’s products. This will enable us to take into consideration our customer’s specific requirements”, said Florian Schwarz-Gewallig, CEO of the LOXXESS facility in Haiming.

LOXXESS is also investing in the intralogistics sector and plans to operate new electrically-powered industrial trucks that use lithium-ion technology in the future.

Dr Claus-Peter Amberger, CEO of Loxxess AG, emphasized the importance of the long-term and productive cooperation with Wacker Chemie AG that is part of the project: “We will be providing a wide range of highly specialized logistic services. We will also be relying on close coordination with the customer to ensure that they can all be implemented efficiently. Our collaboration with WACKER will prove ideal in this respect“.

“WACKER continues to grow rapidly and needs partners who can support this growth whilst still operating highly efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art technology. LOXXESS is one of these partners where we benefit from their expertise”, emphasized Dr Thorsten Heyen, WACKER’s purchasing & logistics manager.

Thanks to the expansion of the cooperation agreement, LOXXESS will be creating up to 100 new jobs at their Haiming facility, depending on the actual expansion stage. This will simultaneously secure the existing jobs in the region.