Loxxess is participating in the GS1 “Lean and green” initiative to reduce the CO2 balance over five years

6. July 2021

Loxxess intends to reduce their CO2 emissions by at least 20 percent by participating in the "Lean and green" program. The GS1 global network awards its "Lean and green" star to logistics companies that have successfully implemented an action plan based on their greenhouse gas emissions. The project is an important step in implementing Loxxess' ecological sustainability strategy.

Copyright: GS1.

Loxxess AG, the logistics and fulfillment service provider from Tegernsee, wants to contribute to climate protection by participating in the “Lean and Green” program through defining and gradually implementing a comprehensive action plan. GS1 is an international network of non-profit organizations that designs and implements global standards for internal corporate processes. GS1 Germany is targeting companies from the logistics and transport sectors with its “Lean and green” program. The program shows participating companies how to make their value chains more efficient over several stages and how to reduce emissions and contribute to meeting the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement. The concept’s core idea combines lean management principles with climate protection and environmental approaches.

Loxxess initially defined a sustainability strategy in 2016, which involved their facilities in Berlin, Bremen and Ebermannsdorf all having energy-saving LED lighting installed in them and planning is also underway for the Aurach and Bor facilities. In the annual tendering process for electricity needs, Loxxess is now paying attention to obtaining the highest possible proportion of its electricity from renewable energy sources. Specific projects for promoting resource efficiencies have already been implemented at our multi-user campus in Bor. Loxxess has also introduced a resource-saving, reusable transport container system with Vodafone, who is one its customers, and colleagues have also had access to an e-car and its charging station since the start of 2021. Loxxess green-power also saved 585 tons of CO2 in 2020 through producing and using of a total of 1,662,593 kw of solar power.

The company has now decided to set up specific emission reduction targets that cover all their business divisions. Transparency should also be gained here about one’s own CO2 footprint. This was be realized through a five-step “lean and green” action plan. The first step was to accurately calculate the emissions for a “basic year”. Loxxess used the tool from “Planetly” for this, which enables CO2 footprints to be calculated and analyzed. The calculating was carried out in accordance with the “Greenhouse gas protocol”, the globally recognized standard for greenhouse gas emissions accounting.

The company then defined a catalog of measures with a predicted reduction result, which TÜV NORD tested for feasibility. These specific measures include the highest possible proportion of green electricity, retrofitting properties with energy-saving LED lighting and the active monitoring and defining of new measures by the “Sustainability” committee. The company received the “Lean and green award” after a successful audit. Other awards can be won if the emissions are gradually reduced in the subsequent years.

“As a family-run company in its third generation, we are aware of the impact that our present corporate activities will have on future generations. With ‘Lean and green’ we have found an ideal partner to accompany us along the road to CO2 neutrality. This will also enable us to raise the climate protection awareness issue in other companies and encourage them to participate”, said Dr Claus-Peter Amberger, CEO of Loxxess AG, when speaking about the importance of program participation to Loxxess.

Apart from certification, participation in the sustainability program also includes access to the community of member companies, so that benefits can be gained from the network, best practice reports and knowledge transfers.