Loxxess donates to “Kindness for Kids”

1. December 2020

Loxxess AG makes a donation to a charitable organization every year at Christmas. This year, our donation of 10,000 euros has been given to the “Kindness for Kids” foundation, which is based in Starnberg. The foundation is committed to helping children with rare diseases and their families. Supporting scientific research projects that study rare diseases is also part of the foundation's activities.

Loxxess AG is a medium-sized logistics company that specializes in complex logistics and value-added services that has its head office in Tegernsee, and we are supporting the Starnberg-based “Kindness for Kids” foundation for children with rare diseases with this year’s Christmas donation of 10,000 euros. The donation was actually handed over on October 21, 2020.

Kindness for Kids aims to help children with rare diseases and their families on both social and scientific levels. The foundation, which was founded in 2003, organizes medically supervised holiday camps for affected children and their siblings as well as therapeutic accompanied holidays for their entire families. Daytime activities are also included in the offer. One focus of the foundation’s work is on experiential education. Kindness for Kids also funds various urgently needed basic and health-care research projects in the rare diseases sector as well as supporting the development of national and international rare disease communities.

“Kindness for Kids does an outstanding and important job in caring for children with rare diseases and their families. That is why we want to support the foundation with this year’s Christmas donation and we hope that this will help the important topic of rare diseases to gain even more attention from the general public”, said Dr Claus-Peter Amberger, CEO of Loxxess AG.

“We are especially delighted with the support from Loxxess. Children with rare diseases and their families need special care. Increasing the quality of life of our patients is a matter close to our hearts. Donations like those from Loxxess help us to give the children the support they deserve,” said Dr Anja Frankenberger, CEO of Kindness for Kids.

Loxxess, being an owner-managed family business, is continuing its regional commitment with this donation. In 2019 the logistics service company donated to the Irmengard-Hof, which belongs to the Björn Schulz Foundation based in Gstadt am Chiemsee.

Further information at: https://www.kindness-for-kids.de/de