LOXXESS Among Finalists for the German Logistics Award 2019

24. October 2019

LOXXESS managed to make it to the finalists for the German Logistics Award 2019 with an innovative logistics concept for online business. At the gala evening of the German Logistics Convention on October 23, 2019 in Berlin, LOXXESS was awarded for the project “SMILE – Smart and Innovative: Logistics for E-commerce.” In the future, the logistics company also wants to continue to focus on innovation.

Bildunterschrift: Dr. Claus-Peter Amberger (li.), Vorstand, und Christina Thurner, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung der LOXXESS AG, mit dem Projektteam von „SMILE“, Marcel Breusch (2. v. l.), Lars Gutermuth (Mitte) und Patrick Mense (re.) bei der Auszeichnung als Finalist des Deutschen Logistik-Preises am 23.10.2019 in Berlins. Abdruck honorarfrei. Copyright: Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V. (BVL).

The logistics and fulfillment service provider Loxxess AG, Unterföhring, with its logistics concept “SMILE – Smart and Innovative: Logistics for E-Commerce,” ranks among the three finalists for the German Logistics Award 2019. LOXXESS, in addition to the Airbus and BMW groups, was given one of the top positions at the gala evening of the German Logistics Convention in Berlin.

With the “SMLE” project, LOXXESS implemented an innovative solution in contract logistics that opens up new potential for customers in the interaction of artificial intelligence, automation and employee integration. The decisive factor for “SMILE” was the order from a well-known German drugstore, for whom LOXXESS has already been working since 2017, to expand their online sales channel at the multi-user campus in Bor near the Czech border. The entire project team faced challenges due to several factors of the complex order. Above all the extensive and heterogeneous product range combined with order peaks triggered by marketing measures made a new and innovative approach necessary.

The project managers responded to the problem with a new type of combination of warehouse optimization software, artificial intelligence (AI) and partial automation. Various control functions in the warehouse were executed via a digital solution here. The warehouse optimization software LOS from Heureka Business Solutions, which was awarded the “Best Product” award in the “Software, Communication, IT” category at the intralogistics trade fair LogiMat 2019, played a key role here. Because: The system used an intelligent planning software based on real data. This meant that a lot of data and information could be taken into account which, due to its size, could no longer be looked through by people, but which was decisive for the implementation of the order.

With the innovative approach, the project team managed to implement decisive process optimizations in the areas of customer and employee satisfaction. On the one hand, the volatile volume growth was successfully managed, and on the other the solution spared employees important routes to relieve the entire team.

“With SMILE, the project team has broken new ground and developed and impressively implemented a trendsetting logistics solution for e-commerce. The placement as one of the three finalists for the renowned German Logistics Award is an award for the team and a huge success for LOXXESS AG as a whole,” says Dr. Claus-Peter Amberger, CEO of LOXXESS. “At the same time, the placement confirms our self-image as a logistics company, which takes innovation seriously as a strategic field of action and that has the expertise to promote and realize innovative solutions.

In the sense of self-image, the project managers of SMILE do not want to rest on their laurels, but rather are already working on an enhancement of the project. “The boom of e-commerce continues. So the complexity of logistical management of online business will not abate in the future, but rather quite the contrary. That is why we at LOXXESS are viewing digitization as an opportunity and want to harness its potential to be even better prepared for the challenges that lie ahead,” continues Amberger.