Berlin Customer Care

LOXXESS Logistik und Service GmbH & Co. KG
Teilestraße 26-28
DE-12099 Berlin

“As branch manager for LOXXESS, I ask myself the same question every day: Where can we make business operations even easier for our customers? A separate customer care comes to mind. We offer solutions and improve processes in order to satisfy our customers and the end user. No wonder, because who could have a better ‘insider’s view’ than we do, with our double role. For me, logistics is second only to the pure movement of goods; here in the customer care, we focus on the topics of fulfillment and accounts receivable management. With product-specific expertise, our motivated employees, and a broad portfolio of services, we create the space and the time our customers need to work on their core business. Of course, a prerequisite here is our customers’ trust in us. A trust that we are constantly working to maintain as a service provider,”

Philip Musto (branch management)