Donation for socially disadvantaged families

14. December 2022

Every year in the run-up to Christmas, LOXXESS supports a regional aid organization with a donation. This year, the sum of 10,000 euros will once again go to the Arche children's project in Munich Moosach. In this way, the owner-managed family busi-ness supports socially disadvantaged families in the current particularly difficult fi-nancial situation.

Larissa Rauter, head of the Arche Munich facility, during the symbolic handover of the check. Copyright: LOXXESS AG.

LOXXESS AG, a medium-sized logistics company specializing in complex logistics and value-added services and headquartered in Tegernsee, Germany, presents this year’s Christmas donation of 10,000 euros to the Arche recreational facility in Munich’s Moosach district. In view of increased inflation and the higher cost of living, LOXXESS aims to support socially disadvantaged children and families in Germany in particular.

The Arche Children’s Foundation, a Christian children’s and youth organization, is committed to improving the living conditions of children and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Across Germany, around 4,000 young people benefit from the services offered by Arche; at the site in the north of Munich, there are around 120. The diverse offers are free of charge for children and young people and their families. This includes a full, hot meal every day, homework assistance and school tutoring, as well as recreational activities with other children according to individual needs. Open sports activities, crafts, field trips, birthday parties and vacation camps are among the activities offered. In this way, young people are encouraged to discover and develop their skills, build healthy self-esteem, form and maintain relationships with others, and deepen academic learning processes. In addition to socio-educational support, there is a wide range of counseling and activities specifically for parents.

“Child poverty in Germany is on the rise, and at the same time, basic services are currently becoming more and more expensive. As a charitable organization, we at the Arche want to offer children and young people encouragement and support that enables them to participate in society. The youngest members of society must not be forgotten in times of crisis. They are the society of tomorrow. This cannot be pointed out often enough. We are grateful that LOXXESS is once again providing us with funds for our work,” says Larissa Rauter, facility manager of  Arche Munich.

“As a family business with regional roots, we want to give something back to the people. Children and young people should be able to develop their interests and strengths and pursue their dreams. It is with great respect that we again support the Arche project, which already provided important help for families during the coronavirus pandemic and now in the difficult economic situation,”says Dr. Claus-Peter Amberger.

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